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18 - 21 0-4-2t Carriages 2 Carriages 1

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WebMaster: Mike Waldron

Postal address available on request.

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Website updated 23/10/2017

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        The 7mm version also available, though without castings. £85 a set.

   Now Available - 7mm Billinton 6 wheel carriage W IRONS - £10 a fret of 6

development by me, but will transfer over

on completion. Specification:-

Early development and testing of etches and gear meshing of tender-mounted motor, 2:1 reduction gearbox, extendable gearbox frame. 30:1 reduction worm and wheel, and radius pitch-adjusting final drive carriage. Plastic shaft - either Branchlines or D-I-Y neoprene + ball bearings cardan shaft - yet to be fitted, shafts trimmed and top hat bearings soldered in place

Latest News:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that as from last Wednesday, the E.B.M. Range is now in the joint ownership of good friends Messrs Ian MacCormac, and David Lowe. From now on, please address all inquiries and orders to:

(The above email address is NOT a link)

I am administering all outstanding developments, kit & lettering orders, and will continue, for the present, to furnish people with the transfer numbers and letters, but not the etched brass numbers, as Ian will have all my stock of those.

I wish to thank all those who have supported this venture in the way of encouragement, suggestions, critique and, most importantly, purchasing the kits and bits. It has been a pleasure to be able to contribute in a small way to the enjoyment of this excellent hobby, as well as foster both interest and the ability to model the London,Brighton & Couth Coast Railway.  I still hope to see most of you around the various Brighton Circle events (are you a member yet?) and EXPOEM and S4UM.


As a consequence of the announcement below, please note that the email address

will cease to function, as it is linked to this website, which will no longer be mine.

Personal contact should be sent to